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Integrate Deduce Behavioral Intelligence at Scale Into Your Account Creation or Authentication Workflows

Is that new user legitimate?
How about those returning customers?

With Deduce Identity Insights, you get behavioral intelligence on the risk of trustworthiness of an identity in a split second, seamlessly integrated with your account creation and user authentication workflows.

The largest independent identity graph for risk and trust.

The Deduce Identity Network sees the majority of the U.S. transactional population multiple times a week, covering more than 1.4B daily events across 500M identity profiles on our continuously growing network of +150,000 sites and apps.

By analyzing more than 100 signals, we deliver comprehensive, granular insights to help you prevent account-creation fraud and account takeover (ATO) fraud. We can create custom signals to address your specific risk and trust requirements, too. Let us know what you need.

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About Deduce

Dedicated to democratizing risk and fraud technologies, Deduce prevents consumer-facing Account Takeover (ATO) and registration fraud via the constantly growing Deduce Identity Network – the largest real-time-identity graph across cyber risk and fraud in the U.S. today with over 500M profiles and in excess of 1.4B daily activities. The Identity Insights and seamlessly integrated Customer Alerts products are accessible via a developer-friendly deployment model. Honors and awards include Fast Company’s World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2022 and #1 in the Security category, 2021 Fortress Cyber Security, Global InfoSec, and silver Edison Awards, as well as spotlights from CSO, Artificial Intelligence Excellence, and more.

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